Portable Pitcher Rinser | 300mm Rhinoware Spinjet Rinser

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This portable pitcher rinser was devised for the traveling barista / bartender. No electricity is required however pressurized water is required. Perfect for trade show booths and event catering.

A 3/8 John Guest Tubing water inlet and a 3/4 in drain are built into the case.

Comes with a drain hose and female fitting to attach to the case and 10 feet of 3/8 John Guest tubing.

Built into a durable flight case this rinser is made for catering and anywhere you need a glass or vessel rinser.



19.5 x 14.5 x 7 Inches


This item is built to order! Please allow 10-14 days before shipping


Custom builds are accepted via Email to: info@caffewerks.com

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