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Espresso Machine Parts & Water Pumps for Cafés and Coffee Shops

For over a decade, Caffewerks has offered sensible, affordable, and innovative solutions for customers. We serve dedicated home and professional baristas interested in starting their own mobile coffee carts, and established restaurants and cafés looking to streamline and update their operations.

Caffewerks is a family-owned business that brings over three decades of industry experience to the table. We started out running our own drive-thru coffee stands, so we know the business inside and out. We have the knowledge, experience, and creativity to meet your specific needs and help your business thrive. Our company not only deals in branded equipment and our own, innovative designs, but we also proudly provide custom solutions intended to meet the needs of individual clients. Our goal is to provide the tools every client needs to serve up an outstanding cup of coffee.

Perhaps you’re looking for a built-to-order water pump system. Maybe you need extra parts on hand to keep your espresso machines functioning at peak capacity. Whether you want quality peripherals like pitchers and tampers or you’re simply seeking help to determine which custom solutions will help your business run smoothly, Caffewerks is your go-to source for innovative, custom solutions.

Who We Serve

While Caffewerks is happy to offer wholesale opportunities to businesses interested in bulk orders, our focus remains largely on providing individualized service for those in the trenches, serving up coffee all day long. Our extensive experience encompasses every facet of the coffee business.

We’ve been baristas, run a coffee cart chain, owned and operated a roastery, sourced green products, and designed and manufactured our own parts when the need arose. As a result, we’re uniquely qualified to deliver the innovative solutions real coffee brewers are clamoring for. Who do we serve?

Restaurants and Cafés

At the most basic level, espresso machines are a bundle of plumbing. Unfortunately, not too many people in the restaurant industry consider themselves to be plumbing experts. This is where Caffewerks enters the picture, with the parts, peripherals, and custom solutions restaurants and cafés need to streamline an existing setup or create and maintain an upgraded system.

At Caffewerks, we’re a team of problem-solvers. We’ve faced and overcome many of the same issues baristas are dealing with today. While we have ready solutions for the most common snafus and setbacks, we can also collaborate on custom solutions for clients who are facing unique circumstances.

Mobile Coffee Carts and Drive-Thrus

Coffee carts and drive-thrus have long been a staple in the cold, wet, Pacific Northwest, and they have spread to other cold climes where people would rather not get out of the car to order a coffee. Because of the convenience they offer, these roadside and parking lot carts and stands can now be found everywhere.

As an entrepreneur with barista experience or someone with a business background and a love of espresso, coffee carts and stands present an exciting opportunity to move into a growth industry. However, getting started and keeping your business operating smoothly isn’t so easy – we know, we’ve done it!

This is why we love providing innovative solutions, including espresso machine parts, custom water pump systems and mobile cart designs, and of course, consulting to ensure you get exactly what you need to succeed in your venture.


Dedicated coffee aficionados can embark on daily adventures in espresso from the comfort of home with the right setup. Whether you’re looking for parts to maintain your high-end machinery, extras like pro-grade pitchers and rinsers, or a custom setup for your in-home coffee cart, we’re happy to take your individual coffee game to the next level.