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The Caffewerks Story: 

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In the early 90’s after successfully building a paving and striping business with strong contracts with the Washington Department of Transportation Terry Ziniewicz was ready to move onto the next big project. He and his wife Kelly (along with their two young children) set out to open drive thru coffee stands along the I5 corridor. After a short time they were running and servicing 25 espresso stands under the name Piccolos Espresso, and later Crazee Espresso.

 Maintaining 25 espresso machines, and all the equipment needed to run these businesses lead the Ziniewicz family to their next venture- a parts and service company. From there Cart Parts Northwest was born- importing espresso machines, parts, small wares and flavored syrups directly from Italy. The coffee industry in the United States was still young, and just starting to gain traction. Terry saw a need for simple, smart solutions for the growing industry. Cart Parts NW began selling mobile carts, water pump systems and electrical panels for others wanting to start their own cafes and carts.

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As this business grew, it got a new name Espresso Parts NW, and later Espresso Parts. Espresso Parts became an innovator in the industry- designing much needed tools for the trade. Pitchers rinsers built for rinsing milk from steaming pitchers, not just beer foam from glasses, beautiful custom tampers for the growing Barista community, and pioneering the art custom designed espresso machines - glass and leather panels, powder coated boilers, Led lights, etc. Espresso Parts launched its first website 1995. This was the first online, one stop shop for everything you would need to open and run a cafe. 

When the Ziniewicz children were entering their teen years, the family decided to continue their education in the coffee industry by opening a Coffee Roastery. From this idea Olympia Coffee Roasting was born- and again began to innovate in the coffee industry- Olympia Coffee Roasting began as an all organic, fair trade certified roastery- which was pretty rare at the time.

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After 25 years running two very successful businesses, Terry and Kelly decided a slower pace of life sounded attractive. The companies were sold internally to long standing, passionate employees, who are successfully running them to this day. 

However, you can’t take innovative people out of the entrepreneurial life. After a short break from the Coffee Industry, Terry found himself consulting for other companies such as Slayer Espresso and Brewista, and would shortly become a partner in a new espresso machine start up; Mavam Espresso. As a consultant Terry worked under the business name Caffewerks- named to reference his many years working, driving and fixing Volkswagens. Caffewerks started as a way to support a growing list of clients in their dreams of opening new businesses, creating and marketing new products, and continuing to innovate an industry that the Ziniewicz Family had now spent most of their life in. 

Now, here in the early 2020’s The Ziniewicz family- Terry, Kelly and their two now grown children, Sara and Sean are all working together in the family business. 

Caffewerks is a small business, a small team, a true family business. We believe in supporting our community, sharing knowledge of experience and continuing to keep innovating for the coffee, beverage and mobile industries.

Nothing beats passion and experience when it comes to good business.

Thank you, 

The Z's 

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