Caffewerks SpinJet Rinser Information, Install, Trouble Shooting and FAQ

Welcome to the Caffewerks Spin Jet Rinser 101 Blog Post! 

We are the proud designers of the SpinJet Valve, and believe it to the best rinser on the market. Using on average 30% less water than other Rinser dupes you can find online due to the patented technology used in the Spin Jet Valve. 

Here you will find all the install documents needed for all three sizes of the SpinJet Rinser, as well as a product over view (video) and install suggestions for best use. 

SpinJet Rinser

We offer an install kit with these fittings and tubing if needed. 

SpinJet Rinser

Trouble Shooting: 

No water coming out of your rinser? 

First make sure you have the correct fitting to connect your waterline to the spinjet valve (see photos above) 

Next, make sure your valve ins built correctly (see exploded diagram and instructions below) 

Rinser dribbling water constantly? 

It is probably time to replace the wear items in the valve build - the gaskets and springs. Find kit here:

Lost a vented Screw? 

We offer these in three packs, so you are never without one again:

Looking for other miss places, lost or broken parts:





Install Documents for 150mm Rinser: 

Install Documents for 300mm Rinser: 

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