Rhino® Pitcher Rinser 300mm - Spinjet

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 Rhinowares' new rinser design brings with it a number of features you have been asking for!

All Rhino Coffee Gear Rinsers are Certified by NSF International and conform to the requirements of NSF/ANSI 169 - Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices. Click Here for documentation

Better Drainage - The drain sink has a sloped surface and large 2" drain ensuring that there is no residue left behind

Bigger Vessels - The large actuator plate makes it useful across a broader range of equipment. Now you can rinse your french press and Chemex devices on your rinser!

Spinjet Spray Mechanism - The new Spinjet valve spins and sprays at the same time creating a more robust mechanical cleaning action than normal rinsing valves. It is ideal for plungers using tea & coffee grounds, milk and other residues that tend to hold firm.

Install Parts included with each rinser you will find some fittings and hoses to make installation easier ( 3/8 push fit inlet plus elbow option).

NSF Certified - All Rhino Coffee Gear Milk Pitcher Rinsers are NSF Certified.

Dimensions (approx): Width - 231mm x Length - 354mm


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