Trestle - K Cup Adapter for Aeropress

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Meet Trestle, the new coffee capsule adapter for the Aeropress coffee brewer. 

A first of its kind device, Trestle fuses the usability of K-cup coffee capsules with the simple and portable Aeropress Coffee Brewer. Our goal is to facilitate convenience and reliability with a low packing footprint, perfect for coffee brewing on the go—wherever you are. 

We set out to create a product that could make hot beverages anywhere you are. 

White Board - Trestle - K Cup Adapter for Aeropress

Trestle bridges the gap between the Aeropress coffee maker and the popular K-cup capsule system, focused on ease of use and convenience for busy beverage lovers. With Trestle you’ve got one device capable of making a wide range of beverages, from various coffee roasts to hot cocoa, teas and ciders. If it fits in a K-cup, it works great with Trestle! 

 Trestle’s innovative use of the standard one way brew valve allows for the user to have full saturation of the K-cup before brewing begins - which creates a better tasting cup of coffee. 

Simply attach Trestle to the top of your Aeropress, insert a K-cup of your choice, then add hot water and brew. The process is easy, clean, repeatable, and effortlessly convenient—a true adaptation of the versatile and beloved Aeropress brewing device.