Rhino Coffee Gear - Thumpa 860 Cafe Knock Tube

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Used all cafes all over Australia and now in the rest of the world the Thumpa is a high volume knock box device that lets you keep your counter space.

The Thumpa is a 860mm / 34" tall knockout tube which was designed with durability in mind. Commercial coffee waste bins need to be hit, bashed and dropped without coming apart. The Thumpa is virtually indestructible and perfect for the demanding needs of a busy coffee shop.

With a slight modification of drilling a 3/8 hole you can use our towel set with clip and attach it to the side of the Thumpa.
Using high density, shock-resistant polyethylene (HDPE), the Thumpa can take a beating! Dont forget to pick up a box of Thumpa Liners as well!

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