Rhino® Hex Rinser Tray 600mm, Caffewerks

Rhino® Hex Rinser Tray 600mm

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The Rhino Coffee Gear 600mm Hex Rinser Tray suits the Rhino 600mm Spinjet Pitcher Rinser. With a large drain tray opening and hexagonal shaped drainage holes, this new design features superior drainage and a smaller surface area. This reduces the static build-up of liquids on top of the drain tray, allowing for easy cleaning. The wide grate-free opening at one end of the drain tray creates a convenient location to quickly discard larger volumes of liquid straight into the drain.


- Large drain tray opening

- Hexagonal shape holes for better drainage

- Smaller surface area for reduced static build-up of liquids

Dimensions: 538mm (L) x 179mm (W)

Please note: This is the tray only. Valve, actuator star, and sink are not included.

This tray will also suit the standard 600mm rinser (RHPR600), however you will only be able to a single end spray assembly (no double configuration).

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