Quarterly PM Kit

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One Kit = One group head 

Make sure you update your quantity for how many groups your machine has!

Each Quarterly PM Kit includes: 

  • One IMS Basket
  • One Caffewerks Silicone Gasket
  • One IMS Screen



Red La Marzocco Gasket is compatible with La Marzocco Espresso Machines, Slayer Espresso and Mavam Espresso

Blue Nuova Simonelli Gasket is compatible with Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machines, La Cimbali Espresso Machines and Victoria Arduino Espresso Machines

Yellow 8.5mm Gasket is most commonly used by the majority of E61 group head espresso machines. Fits Gaggia Classic Espresso Machines 

Orange 8mm Gasket most commonly used by E61 group head espresso machines. Fits Rocket Brand Espresso Machines

Dark Red La Spaziale Gasket is compatible with La Spaziale Espresso Machines 

Green Rancilio Gasket is compatible with Rancilio Espresso Machines 


La Marzocco Screen is most commonly used by La Marzocco, Synesso and Slayer Espresso Machines. La Marzocco and Slayer use the RED Gasket Synesso uses the Yellow Gasket

Nuova Simonelli Screen is most commonly used by Nuova Simonelli , Victoria Arduino, Mavam Espresso Machines. If using with Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino choose the Blue gasket. If using with Mavam Espresso use the Red gasket.

E61 Screen is most commonly used on E61 group heads, and home espresso machines. This screen does not use a screw. Works with yellow and orange gasket Compatiple with: Rocket, Izzo, Isomac, Wega, Brasilia, Kees Van Der Westen, Quickmill, Faema, Vibiemme, Ascaso


14g Basket holds 12-14g ground coffee

18g Basket holds 18-20g ground coffee

20g Basket holds 19-22g ground coffee


Have a question? Send us an email info@caffewerks.com 

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