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Poursteady PS1- 5 Cup

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The Poursteady Machines

Poursteady makes automated pour-over coffee machines that are precise, reliable and programmable for any roast at each station. Our PS1 and PS1-3c models are perfect for busy coffee-shops, restaurants and offices. Each system includes a Marco proven, high-quality under-counter boilers.

Poursteady does the pouring, you serve the coffee.

We have worked hard to design a tool that you want to use. The machine only automates the steps in making perfect pour-overs that make sense. The recipes are saved on the machine and then perfectly repeated with the hit of a single button. The water is measured to the gram, the shapes and sizes of the spirals are poured precisely, and the timing of each step is tracked and executed by the machine–for up to five cups at a time.

Meanwhile you can make sure the grind is right and your customers are being well taken care of.