1.4 GPM Water Pump System for Espresso Coffee Machines by Caffewerks // Low Volume System

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The Caffewerks low volume water pump system with 1/2 liter accumulator is perfect for bulk brewing equipment and other equipment that does not require high volume pressure. The system includes a 1 GPM x 35 PSI pump connected with a check valve to a 1/2 liter accumulator tank for better down line pressure and reduced pump cycling.   

Add install kits for Espresso Machine or Pitcher Rinser 


1.4 GPM Pump and 1/2 L Accumulator Pump System with fittings for 3/8th Bev Tubing

3 amp/ 110v Power Supply 



 9.5  x 10.5  x  5.5 




*Each Water Pump System is built to order. Please allow 7-10 days for order processing prior to shipping*

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