2 Gallon Accumulator / Pressure Tank

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This Accumulator Tank is intended for installation in
any pumped water system controlled by a pressure
switch. For example, most pressure pumps as found
in boats, RV's, motor caravans, coaches and similar

The Accumulator Tank smooths water flow and reduces on/
off cycling of the pump by lessening the variation in pressure
and flow between the pump and the outlets in the system.
The even flow of water gives better control of hot water
temperature especially noticeable with instantaneous
gas water heaters and with showers.
Reduces on/off cycling, reduces noise from the pump
motor, and from shock pressures (water hammer). It
also reduces battery drain from current spikes.

When used with a one way valve the system can provide steady down line pressure. We recommend using accumulator with all water pump applications. How large of a tank is determined by use requirements.

2 gallon 1/2" Female NPT
Custom wall Brackets included
Reverse Osmosis Expansion Tank
Max Liquid Pressure: 130 PSI Pre-Pressurized Air: 30 PSI


12" x 8" x 12" 




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