Accumulator Kit for Flojet BW5000 Series Bottle Water Pump

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This pre-assembled kit allows for the use of a 1/2 liter accumulator (pressure tank) to be used with a Flojet BW5000 Series Bottle Water pump.

The addition of an accumulator will allow better pressure for your espresso equipment and pitcher rinser and also keeps the pump from over cycling ( Turning on and off )

The kit is designed around 3/8" beverage tubing as a standard however we can supply additional fittings to match your current plumbing.

Add Espresso Machine Install Manifold 

Installation is quick and easy with our video:

If you need a custom configuration please contact us at for assistance


All Caffewerks Water Pump Systems are built to order, please give 7 days for build time

NOTE: This kit does not include the BW5000 pump system.
If you would like a complete BW5000 system click here