Silicone Espresso Machine Brew Group Gasket | 9mm Simonelli | Arduino | Cimbali | Caffewerks

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These Blue silicone group gaskets (seals) fit Simonelli, Victoria Arduino and Cimbali espresso machines.

These hold up very well in heated brew groups and remain soft and leak free longer than rubber. The softer silicone makes engaging the portafilter easier thus less effort and strain on your wrists.

Upgrade your espresso group gasket 

Food Grade Silicone is odorless and tasteless

Durable, and easier to install and remove than rubber gasket

71 mm x 56.5 mm x 9 mm

Fits Simonelli, Victoria Arduino and Cimbali 


 Not sure which size or part you need? All Espresso Machine Parts are non-returnable. If you aren't sure what part you need please send us a message in the contact box below and we will help get you set up for success! 

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