Water System Pick Up Tube for 5 Gallon Water Bottle

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How you get water to your pump is important to the functionality and longevity of your pump system. We designed these pick up tubes as a solution for anyone looking to move water from a tank with ease.

These pick up tubes shown fit a standard 5 gallon water container/ jug but we can create any length you might need. *The 5 Gallon Pick Up Tube comes with a blue cap on the top that fits standard 5 gallon water bottles* 

Looking for a gasket fitting top? Check out our Pick Up Tube for Reliance Tanks

A check valve is built into the end of the tube to maintain water pressure as you change tanks which keeps you from having to re-prime the system every time you change a tank. 

Check out this quick video on the use of the pick up tube

If you need a custom length please note required size in notes section during check out 

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