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3 products

Parts for Espresso Machine

With over 30 years of experience in the coffee industry including roasting beans, brewing java, and designing equipment and parts, the team at Caffewerks has the knowledge and experience to assist both commercial clients and consumers.

We’re driven by a passion for delivering the premium parts and outstanding service you deserve, with innovative and affordable solutions designed to meet the individual needs of every customer.

When we first started out in the coffee business, we found that one of our biggest issues was finding the parts to keep our equipment up and running. Our answer was to launch our own parts and service company, delivering smart solutions for other restaurants, cafés, and mobile coffee businesses facing the same problems.

Today, our business has evolved to include our own equipment and tools, products from renowned brands, and built-to-order solutions that help coffee shops save time and money. With the right equipment and espresso machine parts, your business can generate a buzz.

Premium Replacement Parts for Espresso Machines

There aren’t many moving parts in the average espresso machine, but that doesn’t mean equipment won’t suffer wear and tear over time. Parts that tend to require the most frequent replacement include gaskets, baskets, and shower screens.

Once difficult to find and not well-suited to the demands of a busy coffee operation, these parts are now designed to last, thanks to advanced materials like silicone and nanotech coatings.

Plus, Caffewerks makes it easy to find all of the replacement parts you need in one place, with options to pair new parts with updated equipment. Our most popular products for espresso machines include:


With silicone gaskets, you can expect significantly improved function over outdated rubber counterparts.

Silicone not only holds up well to hot, wet conditions, remaining pliable and preventing leaks longer, but the soft, flexible material makes it easier to engage portafilters, reducing effort, wrist strain, and the potential for repetitive motion injuries associated with the demands on a busy barista.

Caffewerks is pleased to offer gaskets in a rainbow of colors and a range of sizes to suit a wide variety of popular espresso machine brands and models. Whether you’re seeking La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, or Breville replacement parts, you’ll find gaskets galore to fit equipment from these and other brands.


Anyone who brews espresso knows the basket is an essential part — it holds the coffee grounds during brewing, so you don’t end up with gritty camp coffee. With that being said, you may not know just how important it is to update your baskets periodically to take advantage of the latest advances in parts for espresso machine setups.

Years of research have gone into designing innovative baskets that produce smooth, full-bodied brews without impacting flavor or flow.

Some feature a nanotech coating that improves resistance to corrosion and chemical reactions. Others have a convex bottom that moves grounds toward the center during percolation to get the most out of every brew. A basket may look simple, but the right one will improve every shot.

Shower Screens

A perfect shot of espresso requires not only an outstanding blend of roasted beans but the right amount of hot water and pressure. This requirement means your shower screen, where water is dispensed into the coffee puck, must be up to the task, whether you’re using IMS, E&B Labs, or La Marzocco espresso machine parts.

You’ll want designs that focus on hole sizes and positioning to achieve even streaming and extraction, delivering the best and most consistent flavor brew after brew.

Some products feature a nanotech coating to improve water flow and cleaning, as well as overall durability and consistency. Caffewerks has several options to consider, so you can find the parts that best meet your needs and preferences.

Gasket and Screen Kits

At some point, you’re going to have to replace gaskets, screens, or both. With kits that include matching parts, you’ll have no trouble swapping in exactly what you need, knowing it will all work together. Our kits are available in a range of colors and sizes to work with a variety of popular espresso machines.

Espresso Machine Parts from Renowned Brands You Know and Love

Caffewerks proudly offers a range of our own equipment and parts, and we’re always happy to help our clients create the custom setup that perfectly meets their unique needs and preferences.

However, we’re also pleased to carry a variety of replacement parts and equipment from several renowned brands, including Breville, La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, E61, IMS, Barista Pro, and E&B Labs, among others.

Commercial and residential customers can choose from single sales, kits, and subscription options, depending on their particular needs.

Breville Replacement Parts

Premium Breville espresso machine parts include a range of baskets, gaskets, and screens meant to help you make the most of your favorite Breville equipment.

Whether your setup includes a Barista Express, Infuser, Duo-Temp, Bambino, or another equipment line, you’ll find strong, durable parts intended to improve the brewing and sipping experience, with fewer leaks, better pressure and flow, and consistently flavorful shots that will keep customers coming back for more.

La Marzocco Espresso Machine Parts

Each aspect of La Marzocco parts is conceived with an outstanding user experience in mind. Food grade silicone gaskets eliminate issues like odor and flavor transfer during brewing, and they’re flexible, resilient, and easier to remove and install than rubber gaskets.

Precision shower screens feature laser-etched membranes that improve dispersion and performance while minimizing coffee buildup. Shower screens with nanotech coating optimize flow, consistency, and durability, all while offering easier cleanup.

Nuova Simonelli Parts

Upgrading gaskets and shower screens for Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, and Cimbali espresso machines is easy with the selection of compatible Nuovo Simonelli parts from Caffewerks. Food grade silicone gaskets are durable, versatile, and designed to reduce wrist strain from placing and removing the portafilter.

Shower screens featuring 200-micron laser-etched membranes deliver the ideal dispersion pattern, ensuring optimal pressure and flow for consistently flavorful brews, along with less buildup. Together, these parts help you get the perfect shot of espresso again and again.

E61 Replacement Parts

You can expect high-performance gaskets and shower screens when you choose E61 parts for espresso machine upgrades in the commercial or home setting.

Silicone gaskets in different sizes prevent leaks and improve operational efficiencies, delivering the durability and convenience baristas expect.

Various shower screens offer a range of desirable features, from uniform flow and pressure to even extraction and consistent flavor to ease of use and cleaning. These parts are designed to fit machinery using the E61 group head style.

Other Equipment and Services

At Caffewerks, we know every setup is unique, whether you own a restaurant or café, you manage a fleet of mobile coffee carts, or you’re making espresso from the comfort of your kitchen.

In addition to quality Breville and La Marzocco parts that keep your machinery up and running, we’re pleased to offer a range of complementary equipment and services designed to help you update and streamline your operation, no matter how small or large.

Water Pump Systems

Proper plumbing is an integral part of any espresso operation, and you naturally want a system that meets the needs of your particular setup. At Caffewerks, we create custom, built-to-order water pump and accumulator systems designed with individual client needs in mind.

Whether you’re launching a new operation, you’re looking to upgrade or expand your current setup, or you simply want to improve efficiency, we’ll provide innovative, custom solutions that streamline your operations and save you time and money.


If baristas are constantly running to the sink to rinse pitchers, utensils, and fouled machine parts, it can curb efficiency. Even worse, harried employees may not bother with rinsing during a rush, which could compromise the quality of beverages and even create a health hazard.

Rinsers offer a modern solution that saves time and encourages adherence to health and safety procedures. Caffewerks has options for countertop use (built-in) or mobile operations, focusing on exceptional performance and drainage.

Whether you’re running one or more espresso machines, you’ve added press-type coffee to the menu, or you’re dealing with loose tea, you’re sure to appreciate effective Spinjet models that deliver superior rinsing power.

Travel Brewing Devices

If your local café is overflowing with business, you might be looking to expand within the community, perhaps with a cart at the farmers’ market or a food truck you can park around town or offer for event catering at weddings, corporate conferences, and so on.

Travel brewing tools like grinders, brewers, presses, and more can be an important part of your setup.

While Caffewerks offers comprehensive, collaborative design services for mobile operations, having the right travel equipment on hand can only help to streamline operations or serve as a backup in a pinch. These tools are also great for consumers seeking premium gear for on-the-go coffee brewing in travel or camping situations.

Espresso Preparation Tools

Grinders, scoops, pitchers, shot glasses, thermometers, bar towels, and other tools may seem like an afterthought until you’re running a busy café.

Caffewerks has all of your bases covered with the premium equipment, replacement parts, and prep tools needed to create an efficient and effective workspace where customers enjoy speedy service and consistent coffee drinks.

Whether you need a few new parts or a complete, custom setup, we have innovative and affordable solutions that are just right for your operation.

Z Consulting

With over 30 years of experience in the coffee industry, Caffewerks is uniquely qualified to deliver the custom solutions that help your business reach new heights.

We’ve owned and operated drive-thru coffee stands, managed a roasting operation, and designed our own parts when we saw a need for improvement in the industry.

We’re pleased to put that experience and knowledge to good use by offering custom consulting services to help businesses get up and running, streamline, and expand. Our services include:

  1. Equipment selection and review
  2. Layout and design
  3. Preventative maintenance
  4. Product design
  5. Marketing

If you don’t know what you need, but you know you want to improve your operation, we’ll help you figure it out and work with your budget to find affordable solutions.

Who Benefits from Our Exceptional Products and Services?

Caffewerks is primarily committed to helping professionals within the coffee industry with premium equipment and parts, as well as wholesale purchasing options, but we also provide options for private enthusiasts looking to create the perfect espresso in the home setting.

Whether you’re looking for a custom water pump system for a café or coffee cart or you need Breville espresso machine parts for your personal equipment, we’ve got you covered.

Restaurants and Cafés

Running a high-volume operation isn’t without potential setbacks. Whether you’re missing equipment, your setup isn’t optimized for your operation, or you’re dealing with frequent parts failures, Caffewerks can help you to create a system that meets your needs, streamlines your operation, and helps to prevent downtime.

Mobile Coffee Carts and Drive-Thrus

Drive-thrus, food trucks, coffee carts, and other mobile options have become a popular alternative to fixed, brick-and-mortar locations, especially for entrepreneurs who don’t have the cash or credit to bankroll a long-term lease and a load of equipment.

With collaborative consulting, custom setup, and maintenance plans, Caffewerks gets your mobile operation off the ground with affordable solutions designed to maximize efficiency and profitability.


There’s something almost spiritual about grinding and brewing your own espresso. For at-home enthusiasts, Caffewerks offers professional-grade tools, replacement parts, and options to expand your setup, depending on how serious you are about crafting the perfect brew.

Why Choose Caffewerks for Espresso Machine Parts?

Over more than three decades working in the coffee industry, Caffewerks has not only learned a lot but used that knowledge to create innovative, from-the-ground-up solutions that help other businesses.

With premium equipment and supplies, custom consulting services, built-to-order systems, and more, we’re there for your business every step of the way, whether you’re just starting out, you want to improve, or you’re ready to expand.

Our family-owned and operated company has been where you are. We understand the challenges you face, and we’re here to deliver innovative solutions that are just right for your particular needs and preferences.

Your satisfaction is always our highest priority, and with strong communication and a commitment to providing exceptional service and support, Caffewerks is your go-to vendor for custom solutions and premium espresso machine parts.

Contact us today to learn more about quality parts and equipment or speak with our qualified team about consulting services.