Flojet BW5005 Bottled Water Pump 110v, Caffewerks

Flojet BW5005 Bottled Water Pump 110v

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This is the pump we suggest when installing home espresso equipment due to its ability to connect to bottled water tanks in a clean and efficient way. These support filling of our 2 gallon accumulator as well as the 1/2 liter accumulator when used with a check valve.

When using with coffee brewing equipment an accumulator provides a stable water pressure while brewing. 

  • Designed for convenience and portability, pump recipe-quality water from commercial bottles
  • Illuminated on/off switch, provides clear visibility in dark or hard-to-reach places
  • Quick connect port, speeds installation and replacement of suction and discharge tubing
  • Quiet operation minimizes noise pollution with noise-dampening rubber feet
  • Unit shuts off when bottle is depleted, restarts automatically when bottle is replaced


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