Flojet BW5000 Series Bottle Water Pump System W/ Accumulator

Regular price $275.99

This pre-assembled kit includes a BW5000 water pump and a 1/2 liter accumulator (pressure tank) all pre-assembled and ready to install.

This system is designed for low volume use with coffee brewing equipment, mobile food carts, adventure vehicle builds. The addition of an accumulator will allow better pressure for your brewing equipment  equipment and pitcher rinser and also keeps the pump from over cycling ( Turning on and off )

The kit is designed around 3/8" beverage tubing as a standard however we can supply additional fittings to match your current plumbing.

Installation is quick and easy with our video: https://youtu.be/dH3jRFyb4EQ

If you need a custom configuration please contact us at info@caffewerks.com for assistance